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I transferred to Sri Vidyamanya Vidya Kendra School two weeks after school had started my freshman year, and I can frankly say it was the best decision of my life. I have made some of my closest friends through SSVVK, and the teachers there truly are there to see you succeed. Because it was a smaller school, I was able to build better relationships with my teachers, and the classroom setting was a better learning environment. Also, I gained the confidence to apply for leadership positions through SSVVK, which in turn has carried on to my college career.

Mr. Naresh

My daughter just completed her first year at SSVVK and loved every moment of it. She cannot wait to go back again in the Fall. I feel comforted knowing that she is happy and in a safe and fun place while I am at work.

Mr. Loknath L

The focus at SSVVK on service and the benefits gained through extracurricular activities, such as sportsmanship, working together, and friendships forged over the years that turn into lasting bonds, are important aspects of their high school experience that we also highly value.

Mr. Nanjamari

Sri Vidyamanya Vidya Kendra school’s  academic program prepares the students well for the rigors of further academic success

Mr. Madhu Father of Sangeetha

Sharada Ma’am you and teachers deserve appreciation. I am pleased with the way my child is being taken care of in the school. It’s clearly visible that you are not putting focus on studies only but on the overall development of the child.

Panchanan Tripati

Marvellous place for learning, with vision, values, thirst for knowledge and a spirit enquiry. Would love to be a student here again & do better than the best. The country needs institutions like SSVVK. Hearty best wishes for a job well done at all levels of hierarchy.


Sri Vidyamanya Vidya Kendra possess a wonderful campus with superb buildings and facilities. The staff cares greatly for the well-being of the students and take an all-round view of the education.

Mrs. Manjula

Although we do love and miss our children a lot here, but we are happy that they are getting the best education at one of the most qualitative schools which provide them both academic course and excellent sports facilities. Another vital thing is the School Rules and Regulations which is appropriate to the efficient student’s life. Steadily we do notice the changes in our children, in their self-discipline, self-help and the adaption to others in the society. We believe that when they grown up, the basics they gained here will mould them as good citizens of the society.

Mr. Gopal Krishna Rao. H

I wish there were more schools like SSVVK where the children get a chance to develop their talents to the fullest.

Mrs. Anupama

I would like to thank the staff of SSVVK who put so much of effort to transform my daughter Deepa shree and my son Kiran  into what they are  today. I am very proud of them.

Mrs. Uma J.

When I go down the memory lane, I am amazed that I have spent 7 long years here but it seems like yesterday. The time flew so fast! Because the time I spent here was so wonderful and special to me. what makes this institute better than the others is the staff and management of the school. Indeed they make us feel that this place is a SAFE HEAVEN & that it is a HOME AWAY FROM HOME

Mr. Raj Gopal Bhat

I am really honoured to have been invited to such a sprawling and beautiful school situated in the lap of nature. The children are articulate and well groomed. I wish all the best to students, staff and the managing committee to keep progressing higher & higher by leaps & bound and touch the sky with glory.

Mrs. Gopinath Smitha

An integral part of the SSVVK philosophy is the development of the whole person and an intention to nurture in every student a love for learning, personal integrity and a respectful, caring attitude towards others.  The staff at SSVVK is very receptive to the importance of teaching social and emotional skills to children.

Mrs. Saraswathi Kumar